Smart Arabic Keyboard Yamli - transliteration

Smart Yamli Arabic Keyboard - Transliteration and Convert speech to text


The voice identification service works with the latest version desktop of Chrome.

Arabic keyboard yamli Yamli Arabic Keyboard is a Smart Keyboard that allows you to type or write Arabic with your Latin keyboard, yamli uses transliteration technology and can Convert speech (voice) to text.

Smart Arabic Keyboard Yamli - Transliteration Arabic Keyboard

This Arab yamli keyboard is a Smart Keyboard for anyone who wants to learn Arabic language or write a professional letter at work or message and which do not have an Arabic keyboard Then just type the Arabic word for example: (salam: سلام) (ta3reeb: تعريب), (photoshop: فوتوشوب) with Latin characters for the conversion to the Arabic language to be automatic.

You can also use common wildcard characters. For example "3" for "ع", "2" for "ء", "7" for "ح" and so on ... . and Convert speech (voice) to text.

it is compatible with all Internet browsers and with all computers (pc, Macintosh, Windows and Linux) tablets and mobile phones (smartphone, iPhone, Android), without installing an application.

Not all computers have Arabic keyboard integrated, So the goal of this visual keyboard is to make it accessible to the user both a text entry tool and a search tool.

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