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Arabic keyboard is a virtual keyboard in Arabic that allows you to easily write and type the Arabic alphabet on the online computer, according to wikipedia Arab keyboard.

How to change the keyboard input language?

arabic keyboard

Press English / Arabic on the layout to switch between virtual QWERTY keyboard and the virtual arabic keyboard . The on / off key also converts the keyboard input conversion.

1: Click on Shift ( Maj ) to make other Arabic letters and symbols visible. The form of words (chakl or shakl) such as fatha, altanwinu, alkisrata, alsskun, aldama ..

2: Click on Shift ( Maj ) to make other English letters and symbols visible.


• In addition to easily writing the Arabic language, Arab keyboard allows you to:

• Select all then Copy and paste the text where you want

• translate the text written in the chosen language

• search directly on search engine Google Arabic

• Zoom in (A+) or zoom out (A-) on the Arabic and English writing and alphabets and to adjust on your mobile

• share your message on twitter directly


It could be useful for writing names or little words for beginner students in Arabic, especially if you know how it is already written.

alphabet online - لوحة المفاتيح العربية - Type Arabic Online

This is a Virtual Keyboard intended for anyone who wants learn the Arabic language or write a professional letter at work or a message, so our site is the solution magic online for you Just like "Yamli" and "Lexilogos". it is compatible with all internet browsers and with all computers (pc, Macintosh, Windows and Linux) tablets and mobile phones (smartphone, iPhone, Android), without installing an application. version french: Clavier arabe en ligne.

Not all computers have a built-in Arabic keyboard, so the purpose of this touch typing is to make it accessible to the user both a text entry tool and a search tool.

useful links:

English Version Arabic keyboard

French Version Clavier arabe

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