Speech Typing - voice to Text with Google Speech Recognition

Free Online Speech Typing - Write with your voice

Have you ever thought of using your voice to transcribe anything you would like to be typed?
You can do this with our free online voice typing tool.

Start dictating what you want to say. See how online voice transcription offers a live transcript of your message.

Voice typing uses Google speech recognition to convert Speech to text in real time. This technology is supported by the Chrome browser (for desktop) and some browsers on the Android operating system. Other browsers have not yet implemented Speech typing.

How can you use our free online voice typing software?

  • Click Start Dictation.
  • Let our Speech typing software use your microphone.
  • Start dictating.

Recording can also be initiated with keyboard shortcut Escape.
Doesn't work for you? Make sure you are using the Google Chrome browser.

Note: iPhones and iPads are not supported