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Press the Space key to switch between Hiragana and Katakana keyboard

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Hiragana keyboard allows you to easily type Japanese online without installing a keyboard in hiragana . You can use your computer keyboard or mouse to type Japanese letters (Japanese alphabet) with this online keyboard.

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How do I type hiragana on my keyboard?

hiragana keyboard

** Click on Shift ( Maj ) to render the other symbols and Japanese Letters ( Japanese alphabet ) visible on the qwerty keyboard .

Press Japanese / English on the hiragana keyboard layout to switch between the English keyboard layout and the Japanese keyboard layout. The on / off key also converts the keyboard input conversion. the suggested Kanji characters are displayed on the number key line. Use the and keys to display the previous/next suggestions. The Space button can be used to select the first suggestion.

In Japanese keyboard mode, click or press the Space key to toggle between Hiragana keyboard and Katakana keyboard input.

Online virtual hiragana keyboard - type Japanese Alphabet Online

Are you planning to learn Japanese and learn how to type it on your device? Then you are in the right place here, and we will talk about the hiragana keyboard, which is used as a Japanese keyboard. 

This is the most famous Japanese keyboard for typing the Japanese language hiragana. With this keyboard, you can quickly type texts, essays, content, work online in simple Japanese. 

This is necessary for people who are preparing to study or work in Japan. They need to learn how to write and speak the Japanese language. This keyboard is specially designed to help you type in Japanese. 

What is the hiragana keyboard

The hiragana keyboard is a free virtual keyboard that allows you to type in Japanese. You can use it on your PC and Android device. Using this keyboard with Japanese characters simplifies the tactic of correspondence with clients and associates in Japanese-speaking countries. 

To enter Japanese languages on your device, you need to add Japanese characters to your text; with the help of this keyboard, you can quickly type any Japanese language.

You need to add the Japanese keyboard layout on your device first. Once the layout is added, you can quickly switch between English and Japanese. 

Japanese is the most well-known language, used by about 128 million people worldwide. The hiragana keyboard contains all the Japanese characters and symbols you can use in your documents. This keyboard is suitable for people who have studied Japanese. 

Difference of hiragana and Kanji keyboard

Kanji is the logographic language of Japan. It contains an inherent meaning to the character itself.

These types of characters are borrowed from China. The true meaning of Kanji is the Japanese character. In this language, each character represents a word or phrase.

Similarly, hiragana is the Japanese language used for foreign words. It is a syllabic character like Hiragana. You can use this language in “Simple writing script.

With the help of Kanji keyboard, you can type all Kanji characters on your device, and hiragana keyboard helps you write anything in hiragana language.

This hiragana keyboard is a best Keyboard in Japanese for everyone who wants to learn Japanese language or type a professional Japanese letter or message and who do not have a keyboard of Japanese alphabets. then our site www.clavier-arabe.co offers the solution online for you Just like "Lexilogos".

it is compatible with all internet browsers and with all computers (pc, Macintosh, Windows and Linux) tablets and mobile phones (smartphone, iPhone, Android), without installing any application. and this Japanese keyboard allows you to zoom (A+) in or out (A-) on the writing and alphabets in Japanese and to adjust the keyboard on your mobile, search on Google Japanese and also to share your message on twitter without copy / paste.

Copy [Ctrl]+[C] & Paste [Ctrl]+[V]

Write Japanese letters (katakana keyboard, Kanji and hiragana keyboard) online.

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